Wednesday, June 7, 2017


What would I thinking when assign myself to teach kids on rural area of Cambodia??

Honestly, I didn't think at all. At All!!  I just did. Because i know maybe it's a once in a lifetime experience and i have to take that opportunity. Beside that, i ever living in rural area as well so I know how difficult to get a proper education and/or experience something extraordinary from people outside your area.

Why would I do things that i never do before??

Why not! In my life and everyone life, there's always a chance to experience something for the first time. First time traveling, first time traveling alone, first time traveling alone to another country, first time teaching, first time teaching on another country and another first time experience. So this is my first time traveling to cambodia, alone and teaching in rural area on another country.

Do I scared??

Trust me, I'm scared myself to death. Hahaha. But I think you will remember and then smile about your scary lifetime experience that you do more than you remember your daily unscary and ordinary things. That's things will make you stronger and (hopely) wiser.

So here I am, standing on JB school foundation at Cheasmorn Village, Meanchey Commune, Brasatbakong District,

Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

And trust me, I'm still clueless..

Tuesday, 14th March 2017
2.55 pm local time
Cheasmorn Village, Meanchey Commune, Brasatbakong District,

Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.


  1. Waah hebat mba. Ga semua orang bisa dan mau soalnya :). Mba ngajar apa di sana?

    1. terima kasih, :)
      disana saya mengajar bahasa inggris, mbak fanny

  2. Mbak, kamu lebih scary ketika ngajar anak anak strangers atau ketemu calon ibu mertua ? *eaaaaaa

    1. ehh kamu yaa..secara belum punya camer jadi belum tau mana yg lebih scary..
      mungkin lebih scary nembak calon gebetan kali ya..

      *salah fokus*

  3. Awesome! How come you can taught there? Cambodian in Siem Reap spoke english well. Maybe because of tourist area. Hehehe

    1. just found out that a friend on couchsurfing has build a free school for kids on his village so I asked him could I visit and help on his school for a few days and he's agreed! ;)


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