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Konten [Tampil]

Just an ordinary girl trying to become extraordinary woman

Hello everyone..

my name is Endah Kurnia Wirawati

Usually my friends called me Endah

I quitting my job as a Video Journalist at a media company in Jakarta on December 2016. I have passion on traveling since young age through postcards and dreaming someday will be able to travel the world and seeing some extraordinary and inspirational person on planet earth and captured it through my camera lens. 

You may see all my works on my portfolio. 

Until December 2023, I have been travel to 6 country and 30 province of Indonesia. Hope the number will increase day by day. I create this blog at 2011 to remain myself on the step I make, the journey I've been through, the strange face I've met, the food I've taste, the view I've seen, the music I've heard and I hope you guys enjoying my journey as much as I do. 

Feel free to contact me at:

Email : endahkurniawira@gmail.com
FB : Endah Kurnia Wirawati
Instagram: @endahkwira
Twitter : @endahkwira
Youtube : @endahkwira



  1. Replies
    1. halo, salam kenal juga dari Jakarta

      selagi masih ada waktu luang dan sedikit sisa-sisa gajian, ya traveling jalan terus lah..

  2. Assalamualaikum..

    first sight. i was try to think how to u as muslimah have traveling in world?

    are you going with ure mahram? mahram its not like with ure woman friends, but still have related blood with you.


    i wish my predictions was wrong, sister.

    keep healthy


    1. Assalamualaikum

      I still aware the definition of mahram. But I can't going with my brother or my sister because we are living in different cities in Indonesia. that's why I usually traveling with friends or alone.

      thank you for your attention to me


  3. hi, would you like to join the facebook group 'Muslims travellers Meetup'? i got on your blog by accident and it's very nice to see another muslim traveller!

  4. sorry, the correct fb page title is 'Muslim travellers meetup'

  5. Wow, perjalanannya sungguh luar biasa. Inspiring


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